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Ecommerce News Roundup (21 June)

Ecommerce News Roundup (21 June)

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What's happening in the ecommerce world this week? 

Catch our handy roundup below for some of the highlights.

1. Shopify now lets store owners edit their Robots.txt file.

What does this mean? Basically, a robots.txt file tells website crawlers (like Google) which URLs it can visit on your site. This can help you manage the volume of visits coming to a page (e.g. block bots on a sales day).

Source: Search Engine Journal

2. New research: 84% of online shoppers would not shop again at a retailer after a bad returns experience.

What does this mean? Klarna commissioned the research, with Alex Marsh, the Head of Klarna UK saying, 'retailers need to ensure they’re offering a smooth, seamless process that meets the needs of today’s customers'

Source: Retail Times

3. Online share of sales fall in May 2021, but demand remains high compared to pre-pandemic levels

The UK Office of National Statistics is seeing signs of small shift back to physical stores as they re-open, with the total proportion of sales online decreasing from 29.8% in April 2021 to 28.5% in May 2021.

But the demand for ecommerce is still massively higher than pre-pandemic, with the value of online retail sales 58.5% higher in May 2021 compared to February 2020.

Source: ONS

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