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Join Go Global - the virtual event for fast-growing ecommerce brands

Join Go Global - the virtual event for fast-growing ecommerce brands

Patchworks Integrations Limited

Looking to scale your business in 2021? Get advice from the industry experts at Go Global – the free virtual event for brands all over the world.

THURS, MAY 27  10.30am BST  |  11:00am EDT  |  2:00PM AEST

Join us as we unite with Global platforms Shopify Plus and Patchworks to discuss the ever-changing world of ecommerce - sharing our experienced panel’s valuable insights on how to expand your business across borders, with bonus guidance from special guests, Vivo Life!

Learn from the success stories of other fast-growing businesses and what they’ve discovered along the way – including tips for how to navigate the post-Brexit landscape, predict the future of retail in the face of COVID-19, and ultimately expand your business worldwide. 

Meet the Panel

  • Adam Finan, Senior Merchant Success Manager at Shopify Plus
  • Brian Bourke, Global Chief Growth Officer at SEKO Logistics
  • David Emerson, Global Senior Vice President at SEKO Logistics
  • David Wiltshire, Founder of Patchworks
  • Salvatore Notaro, Managing Director, Vivo Life

To claim your free spot at our virtual Go Global event, head over to the registration page and fill in your details!