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Three great apps from Bigcommerce to help your multichannel selling

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Ecommerce is no longer about a single sales channel. Multichannel selling puts pressure on your systems as you try to integrate stock and synchronise communications. Get it right and a multichannel system can be very profitable. Get it wrong and the reputation of your business is on the line. If you use Bigcommerce as your ecommerce platform, take a look at these three useful apps, designed to help you with your multichannel selling. GoDataFeed This clever app takes the pain out of managing your digital catalogue across more than 100 different shopping channels including key players such as Amazon, eBay and Facebook. Ensuring that you are in line with each channels’ guidelines is time consuming and one of the biggest challenges of multichannel selling. GoDataFeed efficiently solves this for you, now and in the future as you add more products. The nifty app also offers you some great analytics tools and the ability to set up performance alerts, enabling you to make swift, informed decisions. InStockNotify Automatically informing customers when an out of stock product comes back into stock, InStockNotify will quite simply earn you more money. The app brings the customer back onto your website, allowing them to complete the sale. The information that this app supplies can also inform you about which products are in great demand, allowing you to fine tune your purchasing or manufacturing. Klaviyo There is no longer any need to send out the same email to all customers with Klaviyo. This nifty app lets you target customers by behaviour patterns such as their order details, their spend level or their order frequency. This provides you with a powerful tool to get right to the point with specific groups of customers. Perhaps send customers a special offer on their favourite products or incentivise them to spend a little more than they usually do. Klaviyo opens up the door to easily set up this sort of targeted communication.   Multichannel selling is certainly a complex business but with apps such as these from Bigcommerce, you can ensure that it works at its best to develop your business, without draining you and your colleagues of valuable time.