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Business Intelligence

Patchworks BI

Patchworks BI is a powerful tool for customers seeking a competitive edge. Surfacing huge volumes of data into meaningful analysis, Patchworks BI users are never more than a few clicks away from the facts.

Your single source of truth

Your data is valuable, but it's siloed in different systems, making it time consuming, arduous, and sometimes impossible to get a holistic view of your brand's performance. Patchworks BI ingests all of your data and turns it into expertly created, useful reports. Providing you with a fast and truthful view of your business performance - all within a sleek and easy-to-use dashboard.

Informed decision making

Fast, accurate, meaningful data insights delivered via a suite of reports developed by experts on a market-leading, enterprise platform.

Visibility on key metrics

Understand all aspects of sales performance with aggregated and detailed sales, returns and discount analysis. No more guesswork around markdowns and stock cover - understand what is and isn’t selling, and what’s being returned.

Cut out the legwork

Gain detailed insights into customer behaviour with consolidated reporting on your advertising and marketing data.

Optimise fulfilment

Through advanced inventory management metrics, learn what is and isn’t working in your supply chain - and make meaningful, data-driven decisions.

A holistic view of your entire business in one place

  • Order management

    • Orders
    • Products & sales
    • Refunds
    • Discounts
  • Inventory management

    • Sell-through
    • Markdown
    • Month-end inventory snapshot
    • Days of inventory remaining
    • ABC analysis
  • Traffic

    • Traffic
    • Digital spend
    • Customer insights

Save time, sell more and grow your business

The key to success is not only knowing your most profitable products and top-performing promotions, but understanding why they perform on a deeper level. That's a difficult task without having the full picture. Built using market-leading technology, Patchworks BI is a secure, performant, and scalable solution to help ecommerce brands save time, sell more and grow their business.

  • Save time

    Access all of the reports you need to make decisions in one place.

  • Sell more

    Gain deeper insight into performance for both products and consumers.

  • Scale elegantly

    Scale your usage as you grow, with our elastic pricing model.

Integrations for everything you need, connecting hundreds of apps.