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Supporting Manière De Voir’s rapid growth

Manière De Voir joined the Patchworks family back in 2017, when the team decided to integrate their Shopify Plus store with Peoplevox. And now, after three years of sustained growth, the brand has upgraded to our Enterprise Support Package.

Company Information


Manière De Voir is a UK-based fashion brand, focused on creating high-quality investment pieces that look great in every season. Since their launch in 2014, the brand has amassed almost 800,000 Instagram followers, landing them on The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list for 2020.


Warrington, United Kingdom



Apps integrated

I would 100% recommend Patchworks. They have really provided a first-class service over the past year – not only during our system migration, but also with advanced hypercare support for sales periods and everyday system issues, which can have major effects on customer orders and inventory.

Patchworks’ communication via the Patchworks Dashboard and Slack has been great. Not only are we able to communicate directly with coders and engineers, but we also receive regular updates, feedback and advice from the Director of Sales and other senior members of the team.

Riaz Mohamed
Warehouse Manager at Manière De Voir

The challenge

Manière De Voir have been a part of the Patchworks family since 2017, when we integrated the brand’s Shopify Plus store with their Peoplevox warehouse management system.

Before implementing the Patchworks platform, the Manière De Voir team were manually processing orders – which, as they started to scale, put a huge strain on their resources. With the brand’s rapid growth and big ambitions, they needed an infrastructure that could automatically sync orders with their warehouse system. So we set them up on the Patchworks iPaaS.

maniere de voir banner

The results

Powered by their Patchworks integration, Manière De Voir were able to process orders quickly and efficiently, with on-hand support from our engineers as the brand continued to grow. Fast-forward to 2020, and Manière De Voir are now live with Tapestry 5.1, the latest version of the Patchworks platform. The migration to this platform means Manière De Voir will automatically see updates and improvements as we roll them out across Patchworks, as well as enjoying more control over their service schedules. The new version also includes a separate dashboard for service logs, giving them visibility over how long each sync took and details of any errors that were encountered.

Alongside this launch, Manière De Voir have upgraded to our Enterprise Support Package. Because the brand’s growth is largely driven by product drops and huge spikes in traffic, this extended level of support is tailored to help Manière De Voir execute every single launch and sales event perfectly – paving the way for even more success as time goes on.

Here’s a quick look at what the Patchworks platform does for Manière De Voir, and for hundreds of other fast-growing brands.

Enterprise support

The huge number of sales and traffic that enterprises see means they often need extra support from their integration partner – and Manière De Voir is a great example of that. That’s why we customised our Enterprise Package to suit Manière De Voir’s specific needs, including offering hypercare support to make sure each of their highly anticipated product launches runs smoothly.

360º validation of their business

Before any project, we run a full business assessment – taking a deep dive into the brand and looking at each different department. With a 360° view of their operations, we provided Manière De Voir with an integration platform perfectly tailored to their business.

Automate high volumes of data

By reducing team intervention and eliminating manual data entry, the Patchworks platform frees up both time and money – resources that can be funnelled directly back into the Manière De Voir brand. And with no risk of human error, the company can avoid costly mistakes and improve their bottom line.

Built to grow

With a single dashboard to create and manage integrations, Patchworks gives Manière De Voir the flexibility to add new systems and swap out old ones with ease, as well as the freedom to adopt new channels and territories as they grow.


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