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Magento & OrderWise

Do you need Magento and OrderWise to work together more effectively?

Make your software work the way you need it to with Patchworks. Our powerful integration solution removes barriers to your growth to boost your productivity and save you time and money.

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What Patchworks can do for you

Patchworks collates and transfers all of your key business data across your platforms, removing the need for expensive manual data tasks

  • Protect your profits – save money and cut the manual data entry tasks with real-time data transfer
  • Professional advice – we work with you at every stage to ensure your systems are working at maximum efficiency
  • Fast and effective integration – Patchworks is pre-built and hosted on our external servers for instant integration with no disruptions
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Your problem

  • You need to be able to monitor every aspect of your business but your software isn’t communicating
  • You have invested in Magento for its eCommerce capabilities and don’t want to have to re-invest in different software
  • You are struggling to organise the volume of data you receive
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The solution

Boost your performance with instant transfer of data with Patchworks

  • Increase productivity – stream your data in real-time and gain up to date insight into your business at any time
  • Cost effective growth – grow your business without spending your profits; Patchworks provides comprehensive integration that reduces operational costs
  • Future-proof your business – Patchworks integrates your system with multiple sales channels and a host of leading POS, Accounting and CMS platforms
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The Integration Process

Pre-integration Consultancy

  • Your key data identified via Smart Data Mapping
  • Patchworks SKU Cleanse analyses and removes faults in your inventory

Magento and OrderWise integration

  • Improved insight and instant insight into your total operation
  • Accelerate your productivity with real-time data flow
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Find out how we helped This Works go global
This Works

Find out how we helped This Works go global

After finding their growth limited by an out-of-date platform, This Works decided to deploy new ecommerce and ERP systems. By integrating their new apps through Patchworks, This Works were able to adopt new territories with ease, automating their global operations from their base in the UK.

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