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NetSuite & JOOR

The key to a unified shopping experience

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A match made in fashion

Looking to integrate NetSuite with JOOR? We can help with that.

JOOR is a leading online fashion marketplace for wholesale buying, connecting some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers. Designed to streamline the wholesale process, JOOR gives retailers and buyers one handy platform to submit orders from multiple brands.

While JOOR helps you connect to retailers, NetSuite works behind the scenes to streamline your back-office and financial operations. By giving you a single point of truth to operate from, NetSuite reduces the complexity of omnichannel selling.

Separately, JOOR and NetSuite are essential systems for fashion ecommerce. But together, they work even better.

Automated data sharing

When you integrate NetSuite with JOOR, you open an automated channel of communication between your ERP and your marketplace. Instead of manually inputting data into multiple different platforms, you can manage everything from NetSuite – reducing the risk of human error. And with up-to-date stock figures automatically fed to JOOR, overselling becomes a thing of the best.

Aside from making things easier from an admin and fulfilment perspective, integrating your systems also enables you to offer a better customer experience. By giving your customer service team access to marketplace orders in your ERP, your staff can provide faster, more personalised support to your customers. What’s more, with complete visibility over your JOOR orders in NetSuite, you’ll be able to track the success of your different marketplaces from your ERP.

Integration is the key to a unified, consistent shopping experience for your customers. Ready to get started? Get in touch today.

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Why Patchworks?

We specialise in bringing the best elements of your business together under one roof. Baffled by integration? Don’t worry. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, showing you how to use your new Patchworks platform to transform your business.

  • Easy to use: Enjoy a single cloud platform to connect NetSuite with JOOR
  • Save time & money: By automating data input tasks and eliminating overselling, we help your business save time, money and valuable resources
  • Dedicated team: You’ll be allocated a team of experts, scoping your project with a 360º analysis of your business’ needs
  • Reliable & accurate: Data is securely transferred with no risk of manual errors
  • Flawless customer experience: Your customers will always see the correct information and stock levels, eliminating the risk of overselling
  • Growth & performance: Increase your efficiency and profitability, and easily connect new systems when you’re ready
  • 100% UK-based: Patchworks is the only integration service to be fully based in the UK, ready to respond whenever you need us
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Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business of 2016

Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business of 2016

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