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ReBOUND® & NetSuite ERP

Looking to revolutionise your Returns with ReBOUND®, but need to seamlessly integrate their global platform with your NetSuite ERP?

Let Patchworks iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) take the strain. Our platform will enable you to seamlessly connect your Returns Management and ERP systems. Allowing you to make Returns an opportunity to delight your customers, rather than anger them.

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How can Patchworks help?

By orchestrating and automating the flow of data between ReBOUND® and NetSuite with our proven integration platform:

  • Get Started – no need to embark on a custom-coding project, we’ll deploy Patchworks, configure your integration and you’re good to go
  • Reduce Costs – custom development projects are time-consuming, risky and expensive. Our iPaaS is ready to deploy and is constantly updated
  • Work with our Experts – the Patchworks Team are highly experienced in Software integration, particularly in the Built for NetSuite environment and can help you make the decisions that are right for your business and your customers.
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The Challenge

  • You’ve upgraded your eCommerce and your ERP and you’re delighting your customers when it goes right, but keeping on top of your returns and delivering great experiences when your advocates need an exchange, or have changed their mind, is getting out of hand
  • Your Returns process is cumbersome, difficult for customers and colleagues alike to navigate and you want to plug in a best of breed SaaS solution, like ReBOUND®
  • You don’t want to spend money on a custom integration with ReBOUND® that then ties you into that platform for years to come.
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The Opportunity

Patchworks’ integration platform enables you to:

  • Select the best SaaS tools for the job. We integrate with a vast range of systems, from eCommerce like Shopify Plus and Magento 2, to ERP like NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics Nav through to Accounting Packages like Sage and Xero
  • Secure your business’ future by implementing a platform that has future growth built into it. Patchworks’ iPaaS enables you to add in new sales channels, tools and systems with ease as your company scales
  • Keep up to date with software that is constantly updated and upgraded to ensure that you are always on the latest version, safeguarding against changes to your key software and systems that would otherwise severely impact your operations.
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What do we do for you?

Pre-Integration Consultancy:

  • Establish what information is critical to your business’ success with intelligent data-mapping
  • Patchworks SKU Cleanse fixes errors and conflicts in your inventory ready for integration.

NetSuite and Rebound® integration:

  • Sync Orders  – speed up the returns process for you and your customers
  • Unify stock levels across your systems – refunds, exchanges, returns all impact your stock levels
  • Sync Products – cut out time-wasting manual data handling that’s open to human error.
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