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Xero & SAP Business ByDesign

Finding it hard to make Xero and SAP Business ByDesign work together?

Gain greater insight into your business with Patchworks. Your data is streamed in real-time between your platforms, giving you a greater overview of your operation and increased efficiency.

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What Patchworks can do for you

Patchworks is a powerful and flexible integration platform that delivers a number of benefits to your business

  • Instant Integration – Patchworks is hosted on our external servers and can be deployed to you at any time
  • Integration experts – we’ll guide you through the integration process and work with you to ensure maximum efficiency of your systems
  • Reduce costs – automatic data transfer removes the need for manual data entry to save time and money
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The situation

  • Your packages aren’t syncing how you need them to
  • You have to enter high volumes of data by hand to ensure accurate reporting
  • Custom integration quotes you have received have been expensive with a long development time
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The Patchworks solution

Comprehensive integration for your entire system

  • Drive productivity – increase your efficiency with automated data flow between platforms
  • Streamline your workflow – improve the way you do business and make your data work harder for you
  • Protect your future – Patchworks integration gives you superior flexibility to incorporate new software and sales channels thanks to our huge range of integration solutions
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What Patchworks will do for you!

Pre-integration consultation

  • Smart Data Mapping to identify the data that really matters
  • Patchworks SKU cleanse gives your entire inventory a conflict sweep
  • Our experts work with you to ensure maximum productivity from your system

 Xero and SAP Business ByDesign integration

  • Improved productivity with full integration across all your platforms
  • Reduced costs with real-time data transfer
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Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business of 2016

Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business of 2016

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