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Get the most out of your business

Ecommerce companies are always looking for new ways to grow. And we’re sure that you’re no exception.

Using Shopify to sell directly to your consumer is all well and good. But what about when other businesses want to make bulk orders with minimum hassle, and maximum incentive?

That’s where SparkLayer comes in. By using specific B2B data such as price lists and customer ordering rules, your clients can easily log in to place orders through a purpose-built storefront.

Why choose SparkLayer?

Integrating SparkLayer comes with a wide range of perks and features to help boost your business.

- Create B2B-specific pricing and offers

- An automated, self-serve ordering experience for your customers

- Easy and officially approved Shopify installation

 -Custom built for brand consistency - retain your store’s look and feel

SparkLayer & Patchworks Partnership

We’re proud to have a close partnership with SparkLayer. Through our powerful integration platform, merchants using major systems such as Netsuite, Business Central, and Khaos Control can seamlessly automate and connect their B2B data with their Shopify Store.

That means, whoever you’re partnered with, you can rest assured that SparkLayer will perform efficiently and provide you with valuable data.

“It’s incredibly exciting to offer Sparklayer to our B2B customers. We are very excited to see where the product goes next, and we have some ideas in process for the headless space. Sparklayer is a product delivered by a really approachable and able team."

Dave Wiltshire, Founder & CEO of Patchworks

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