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Shopify Integrations


Connect with one of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms and give a powerful customer experience.

Patchworks integrates Shopify with 55 systems

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Why Shopify?

It needs no introduction: Shopify is one of the most renowned and powerful ecommerce platforms on the market. Providing brands with a huge suite of tools and features to streamline the process of creating, launching, and managing an online store, Shopify also uses an intuitive interface and workflows to make it easy to create bespoke websites.

But it’s about more than just design. Shopify’s tools help you manage products and inventory, and process orders seamlessly. The platform also offers built-in payment gateways, secure hosting, and robust data protection measures, ensuring a safe and reliable online shopping environment. Their extensive app store allows you to enhance your store's functionality even further by integrating with various third-party applications and services.

Shopify caters to businesses of all sizes, so whether you’re a small startup or an experienced retailer, choosing Shopify is a great way to equip your brand with a powerful e-commerce platform which can empower you to succeed in a competitive online market.

Connect quickly. Scale efficiently.

Shopify has a huge library of apps to choose from, but to ensure a seamless and scalable flow of data, you’ll need a reliable integration partner. The Patchworks iPaaS comes with dozens of pre-built connectors, as well as a Connector Builder to help you take full developmental control and build custom integrations.

Our powerful API is also infinitely scalable, so no matter how big your business gets, we’ll be able to handle the flow of data between all of your systems. Eliminate manual processes and achieve operational excellence.

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Build your own connectors

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