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NetSuite Integrations


Get the full picture of your business and quickly build a holistic tech ecosystem with our NetSuite integration.

Patchworks integrates NetSuite with 59 systems

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Why NetSuite?

As one of the industry’s leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, NetSuite offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions designed to streamline and integrate core business processes, including financial management, ERP, CRM, inventory management, e-commerce, and more.

Gain a unified and real-time view of your business operations, enabling better decision making and driving efficiency across departments. From small startups to large enterprises, NetSuite will help you consolidate key business functions into a single system - eliminating data silos, improving collaboration, and enhancing productivity.

NetSuite's cloud-based infrastructure also ensures accessibility, security, and automatic software updates, eliminating the need for costly hardware and IT resources. Centralise your operation, boost efficiency, and accelerate growth with our NetSuite integration.

Seamless and instantaneous data flows

NetSuite is a powerful and effective tool for ecommerce businesses, but it’s enhanced by the data it has access to. By using the Patchworks iPaaS to streamline your data connections and eliminate process debt, you can stitch together all of your disparate systems and ensure data flows into NetSuite seamlessly.

And with our composable no-code/low-code platform and pre-built library of connectors, you can easily grow your tech ecosystems at the click of a button. Is the app you need not in our library? No problem. With our Connector Builder, you can quickly build your own custom connector. Take control of your integrations.

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Build your own connectors

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