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Patchworks App Store

Browse and install available apps from the apps section of the Patchworks marketplace

Why apps?

We know that integration requirements can be highly complex which is why we like to keep it all sewn up with our no-code/low-code platform.

Patchworks Apps takes this one step further - simply install the app, and add your connector instances. It's all bundled up right there for you, and you can integrate in one fell swoop!

Say goodbye to complex installations

Apps are displayed as tiles over a series of pages, which you can step through using page numbers at the bottom of the marketplace.

Each app includes a visual summary of its component parts.

Complex integrations in just a few clicks

For a detailed view of what's included in an app, click anywhere on the tile.

This displays full details for the app so you can see what's included. From here, you can view all of the app's components and - if required - choose to install the app.

The anatomy of an app

A Patchworks app contains everything you need to perform a specific task - for example, to sync orders from TikTok shop to Shopify; to sync customers from Shopify to HubSpot and so on!

When you install an app from the Patchworks marketplace, all of its components (connectors, process flows, scripts, etc.) are installed and added to the relevant area of your Patchworks dashboard - connectors are added to your connectors page, process flows are added to your process flows list, custom scripts are added to your scripts list, etc

An app can include any number/ combination of the following components:

  • Process flows
  • Connectors
  • Custom scripts
  • Cross-reference lookups
  • De-dupe data pools
  • Caches and cache keys

Visual summary

Each app is displayed with a visual summary of what's included.

If you click on the app tile, you can see a detailed breakdown of what's included. From here you can:

  • Install the app in full
  • Choose to exclude connectors from the installation
  • Choose to exclde particular process flows

Customised set ups

If you install an app which includes a connector that you've already installed from the connector marketplace, a fresh copy of that connector is installed alongside the existing one. You can then decide which one to use.

However, if you already know that you want to use your existing version of a connector, you can prevent the new version from being installed here - clicking the install button toggles to don't install.

You can also exclude process flows in the same manner - however, process flows are typically key to the successful installation.

Onboarding time reduced to minutes

It's so simple - install the app, and add in your connector instances. If necessary, make tiny tweaks to tailor to your requirements - and you're done in just a few minutes!

Flow previews

Preview your flows pre-install to ensure they will run as desired.

  • Save time

    Access all of the reports you need to make decisions in one place.

  • Sell more

    Gain deeper insight into performance for both products and consumers.

  • Scale elegantly

    Scale your usage as you grow, with our elastic pricing model.

Integrations for everything you need, connecting hundreds of apps.