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Plytix Integrations

Plytix Integrations

Enrich and efficiently update your product information with our Plytix integration.

Patchworks integrates Plytix with 90+ systems

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Why Plytix?

Plytix is a product information management (PIM) solution designed to centralise and enrich your product information. That makes it easy to manage, update, and distribute product information across various channels from ecommerce platforms, to social media, to marketplaces.

Plytix gives you complete control over your product data, ensuring its accuracy, consistency, and completeness, as well as enabling you to categorise your products, create customised catalogues, and enhance with images and videos. Their powerful features streamline your product data processes and save you time and effort, distributing your product data efficiently and consistently across multiple platforms.

If you operate across multiple channels or are looking to upgrade your PIM, Plytix is an excellent choice for delivering accurate and compelling product information, improving customer experiences, and driving sales growth.

Seamlessly connect all of your channels and systems

To ensure consistency and accuracy across all of your channels and stores, you’ll need to make sure Plytix is properly connected with all of your core systems.

The Patchworks iPaaS provides you with a library of pre-built connectors, letting you click and connect from dozens of partners within seconds. And even if your desired solution isn’t available in our library, that’s no problem. Our Connector Builder lets you take full developmental control and build new connectors from scratch.

We’ll completely automate all of your manual processes, ensuring Plytix can immediately update different channels with the required information. Automating, streamlining, and growing your operation has never been easier.

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