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Connect Your ERP Quickly With Our Powerful Platform

Patchworks was born in the ERP integration ecosystem in 2012 and has hundreds of integrated customers including many of the most recognisable Ecommerce brands, such as Gymshark, Castore, Huel, Lounge Underwear and many more.

Imagine a world where your ERP seamlessly communicates with your e-commerce, WMS/3PL, finance, data, marketing, and reporting systems. With Patchworks, this vision becomes reality, automation and efficiency and is the cornerstone of manageablel growth.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a central tool for managing business processes and data across various departments. It streamlines operations, enhances data accuracy, and improves decision-making. By integrating an ERP with their ecosystem, businesses can unify their operations, gaining a holistic view of their activities for better management.

Patchworks enables its customers to manage increased complexity and demand, ensuring smooth operations during growth.

Patchworks, a proud MACH Alliance ISV partner, embodies the future of technology. By choosing Patchworks, you're choosing composable commerce – adaptable, innovative, and forward-thinking. We play well with businesses striving to excel in an ever-evolving market, who require tools to stay ahead of the competition.

Integration is more than connecting systems; it's creating an ecosystem that propels your business forward. Unleash your potential today and reshape your ERP landscape with confidence.