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About Patchworks

About Patchworks

As ecommerce exploded and brands rushed to upgrade their systems, IT infrastructures became increasingly complex. With individual companies relying on dozens of different applications, things started to slip through the cracks – leading to data silos, fulfilment issues, and critical outages at the worst possible moment.

Then came Patchworks.

Who we are
  • A progressive scale-up.
  • Delivering high quality integrations.
  • People first organisation.
  • 80+

  • £10m

    In funding since 2021

Our purpose

To enable our customers to scale while becoming more efficient and spending less. Boosting their productivity and agility with infinitely scalable integrations and solutions.

    What we believe

    Core Values

    At Patchworks, our core principles serve as the foundation for everything we do. They are ingrained in our company culture and embraced by each and every employee. These principles not only shape our actions and decisions but also directly benefit our customers whenever they utilise our product or seek assistance from our dedicated Support team

    • Do the right things

      Do the right things sets the moral compass for our organisation. We treat everyone with respect, ensuring our actions always mirror our words as we uphold our integrity. We embrace diversity and inclusivity, believing in equal opportunities for all.

      Transparency is nurtured in our workspace, promoting an honest and open dialogue. While we celebrate our achievements, we remain humble, constantly listening and learning from others. We stand by each other and our clients, helping them to reach their goals. In essence, we strive to make decisions that are ethically and morally sound.

    • Always innovate

      We are a dynamic entity, consistently developing to meet our customers’ growth needs. Our team is full of inquisitive minds that bring fresh and creative ideas.

      We admit to our mistakes and see them as learning opportunities. We aren’t afraid of change and can adapt our plans when needed. By staying connected, we collaborate and fuel innovation, underpinning a culture of continuous learning. We never stop pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons.

    • Be results driven

      We pursue excellence in all our undertakings, and our solutions-focused mindset pushes us to find the best answers. We are driven to meet our goals, deliver product excellence and we keep our customers at the centre of everything we do.

      Our team is imbued with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, enabling us to concentrate on what’s achievable. We make judicious decisions based on available information, always striving for the best outcomes.

    • Team on a mission

      We unite as a team, focused on our shared company mission and vision. We value reliability and trust in each other to deliver. Our problem-solving mindset propels us towards solutions and away from problems.

      We communicate clearly and effectively across the company, challenging norms and pushing boundaries together. We have a warrior spirit, persisting against obstacles and continually striving to be the best. We’re a team on a mission, and we won’t stop until we achieve it.

    Our culture of inclusion and diversity

    At Patchworks our employees are our Company.  We believe in the intrinsic worth, significance, and capacity of every person, which forms the basis of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are convinced that teams from various backgrounds and perspectives yield optimal results for our customers, partners, employees, and company. We welcome everyone to embark on this journey with us as we forge ahead!

    By the numbers...

    • 2014

      Year founded

    • 200+

      Customers served

    • 100+

      Integrations built

    • 80+


    • 50+

      App and agency partners

    • 3

      Offices in London, Belfast and Nottingham

    Join us!

    A remarkable individual lies at the centre of every significant transformation.