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Partnering with Patchworks

Why should you become a Patchworks partner?

Our thriving referral network gives you everything you need to close more sales and build a better experience for your customers.

Find your fit

No two businesses are the same – and neither are our partners. Find your perfect fit and choose the partnership programme that works for you.

Why partner with Patchworks?

With expert resources, clear documentation and a growing referral network, our partners don’t just land more clients – they keep them.

  • Connect with customers

    The Patchworks partner directory gives you a space to market your service, generate leads and connect with new customers.

  • Win more sales

    With a product that’s pre-integrated with their other tech, you can impress new customers with a pitch that’ll make their lives easier.

  • Deliver projects faster

    We’re the middleman you actually need. By not having to chase down numerous different tech partners, you can deliver your projects in record time.

  • A better customer experience

    A stellar sales pitch. A smooth delivery. A world-class end product. With Patchworks behind you, there’s no limit to what you can achieve for your customers.