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Brightpearl Integrations

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Why Brightpearl?

Brightpearl is a multichannel retail operating system (ROS) which encompasses inventory management, order processing, CRM, financial management, and more. Brightpearl’s centralised platform provides real-time visibility and control over your retail operations, and their inventory management capabilities enable accurate tracking, forecasting, and replenishment, ensuring optimal stock levels and reducing stockouts.

Brightpearl also has extensive customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities that enable you to manage customer relationships, personalise marketing efforts, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Their scalability and flexibility is suitable for retailers of all sizes, so integrating with Brightpearl is an excellent way to grow your business exponentially in the competitive retail landscape.

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  • Patchworks

Automate the flow of data

Our Brightpearl integration can help your business take your retail operation to the next level. The Patchworks iPaaS completely automates manual processes, so data can flow seamlessly and instantaneously to your Brightpearl ROS.

And with our no-code/low-code platform and library of pre-built connectors, you can quickly click and connect any available apps with Brightpearl for a holistic tech ecosystem. And if our library doesn’t have the desired solution? Just use our Connector Builder and create a custom integration from scratch.

With our scalable infrastructure and streamlined platform, connecting with Brightpearl has never been easier.

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