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Linnworks Integrations

Linnworks Integrations

Manage your multichannel operations and take control of your business with Linnworks.

Patchworks integrates Linnworks with 90+ systems

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Why Linnworks?

Linnworks is a software-as-a-service commerce platform which helps brands sell better, helping you streamline and automate your multichannel operations. With Linnworks, you gain centralised control over your inventory management, order fulfilment, and shipping processes, as well as advanced reporting and insights to help you plan and strategise.

Linnworks seamlessly integrates with popular marketplaces, shopping carts, and shipping carriers, enabling efficient order processing, real-time inventory syncing, and streamlined shipping operations. Their user-friendly interface, intuitive workflows, and extensive support resources ensure a smooth implementation and ongoing assistance.

Choosing Linnworks as your commerce partner will empower your brand with an efficient, scalable, and automated ecommerce management solution that maximises productivity, reduces costs, and drives business growth.

Quick and reliable data connections

The Patchworks iPaaS ensures you can get set up with Linnworks within minutes, not months. Our library of pre-built connectors empowers you to click and connect your desired solutions and systems, and our Connector Builder allows you to build your own connector from scratch even if it isn’t in our library.

We completely automate the flow of data, eliminating manual processes. That means a holistic and instantaneous system of data transfers to and from Linnworks, keeping your operation efficient.

And with our scalable platform, no matter how much your business grows, our infrastructure will support you every step of the way.

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