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Trends and interests change overnight and the competition for consumer attention is brutal. To drive growth, retail and ecommerce businesses must address the increasingly difficult challenge of reaching and engaging the right customers at the right time. Savvy businesses already use SMS as part of their marketing strategy to attract and retain customers, with 90 percent of SMS messages read within 90 seconds.

SMS is a cost-effective way to reach your entire client database, entice new customers, and deliver a high level of customer satisfaction. However, the full potential of SMS is greater than you think. There are many ways that SMS messaging can add value, cut costs, and satisfy customers, from tailored offers through to reducing cart abandonment and improving the online purchasing experience.

MessageMedia are messaging specialists supporting 65,000 customers globally, with deep industry expertise and a track record of helping customers grow their subscriber base, execute effective campaigns and increase orders. As a messaging partner, MessageMedia offer extended support, enablement and consultancy to ensure SMS results are maximised as part of an omni-channel approach.

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Message Media