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Global-E Integrations

Global-E Integrations

Empower your cross-border selling and delight international customers with Global-e.

Patchworks integrates Global-E with 90+ systems

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Why Global-e?

Global-e is a cross-border ecommerce solution provider with a variety of features designed to simplify and optimise cross-border transactions. That enables businesses to expand their reach and deliver seamless experiences to customers worldwide. Gain access to a localised shopping experience; providing international customers with local payment methods, local currencies, and transparent pricing.

Their advanced logistics capabilities offer efficient international shipping, customs compliance, and delivery tracking, ensuring a streamlined and reliable experience for both you and your customers. Global-e's dynamic currency conversion and tax management solutions also handle complex international pricing and taxation challenges, ensuring you remain compliant to local regulations.

Open the door to global markets, enhance customer experiences, and accelerate your international growth with our Global-e connector.

Streamline and grow your global operation

When you’re selling internationally, you need to be able to rely on your tech ecosystem. Global-e is a powerful cross-border solution, but to connect it to the rest of your tech stack, you’ll need a powerful iPaaS like Patchworks.

The Patchworks platform will help you streamline your operation by eliminating process debt and boosting efficiency, ensuring data automatically flows into Global-e. Our scalable infrastructure will ensure you can grow your business internationally, and expand into new markets.

And with our no-code/low-code platform and library of pre-built connectors, you can integrate with dozens of apps at the click of a button. Or, if the app you need isn’t in our library: use our Connector Builder to create a custom connector from scratch.

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