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WooCommerce Integrations


Build a powerful ecommerce experience by integrating WooCommerce through Patchworks.

Patchworks integrates WooCommerce with 55 systems

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Why WooCommerce?

Powered by WordPress, WooCommerce is an ecommerce platform which offers flexible and customizable solutions catering to businesses of all sizes. WooCommerce gives you access to a vast ecosystem of themes, plugins, and extensions that allow you to create a unique and tailored online store that aligns with your brand's identity and requirements.

The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and manage your store, add products, and process orders. With a range of built-in ecommerce functionalities and analytics tools, choosing WooCommerce empowers your brand with a reliable and flexible platform that allows you to create a tailored online shopping experience, drive sales, and effectively manage your business.

Connect quickly across multiple systems

Looking for a reliable integration partner to help you get setup with a WooCommerce store? The Patchworks iPaaS can help you automate, streamline, and grow your business through our powerful connections.

Our no-code/low-code platform and library of pre-built connectors helps you take full control of your own integrations, with dozens of apps ready to click and connect with your WooCommerce platform. Is your desired app not available in our library? Our Connector Builder has you covered, letting you have full developmental control to build your own connectors.

And with our scalable infrastructure, no matter how big your business grows or how busy a peak period is, we’ll keep your data flowing automatically and instantaneously.

Configure yourWooCommerce connector Configure yourWooCommerce account Connect WooCommerce WooCommerce is now connected

Build your own connectors

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