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Integrate your Commercetools store with Cegid

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Complete visibility

Unify your operations by connecting Commercetools to Cegid’s retail management software. By automating the flow of data between your online store and your back-office system, our leading Commercetools x Cegid connector eliminates the need for time-consuming data transfers and exports – reducing the strain on your resources.

Automatically sync product, order, pricing, customer, inventory and financial information between your systems, and pull all of that essential business data into your back-office software. With a 360-degree view of your business, you can use that data to drive decisions – opening the door for rapid growth.

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Connect systems faster

With Patchworks, it’s never been easier to get connected. Get set up quickly with pre-built connectors and out-of-the-box workflows, or build on our tried-and-tested data mapping templates to create something entirely bespoke.

Whether you’re connecting a single Commercetools store or you’re working with a complex multi-store architecture, Patchworks is here to help you streamline your business. Connect your apps, schedule your data syncs, and plug in new stores or systems as you grow.

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What’s in it for you?

Our world-class integration platform unites your different apps, allowing you to:

  • Get set up in seconds – Integrate your Commercetools store with Cegid quickly and easily with our pre-built connector.
  • Save time and sell more – Automate the flow of information across your entire business, with the capacity to process 1 million+ orders a day.
  • Connect more apps as you grow – Instantly remove old apps and add new endpoints as and when you need to.
  • Access expert support – Scale confidently with on-hand technical advice and additional support during peak sales times.
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Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business of 2016

Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business of 2016

When Black Friday flooded their site with orders, Gymshark’s systems struggled to cope. That’s why we connected their ecommerce platform to their warehouse, powered by a platform that can sync thousands of orders a minute.

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