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Emarsys and Prima Solutions Integration

Emarsys & Prima Solutions Integration

The integration of Emarsys and Prima Solutions can improve efficiency and customer experience for retailers. Emarsys offers AI-led marketing solutions for personalized shopping experiences, while Prima Solutions provides software for digitalizing and automating business operations. The integration allows for further personalization of customer journeys and customized, automated messages based on data from Prima Solutions, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased sales conversions.

Improved Efficiency and Customer Experience through Emarsys and Prima Solutions Integration

Unleash the power of these already comprehensive solutions by combining Emarsys and Prima Solutions. The integration allows you to further personalize your customer journeys based on their preferences, purchase behaviors, and browsing history. You can communicate with your customers at all points of the customer journey through customized, automated messages that draw on Prima Solutions’ data. This results in improved customer satisfaction and increased sales conversions with a proven ROI.

Popular Systems that connect with Emarsys

Why Emarsys?

Revamp your marketing strategy and automate your marketing processes to provide personalized shopping experiences for your customers with Emarsys’ AI-led marketing platform. The email and mobile marketing solutions offer segmentation, A/B testing along with a powerful data visualizer.

Popular Systems that connect with Prima Solutions

Why Prima Solutions?

Digitalize and automate your business operations with Prima Solutions, the comprehensive software that’s designed specifically for fashion, consumer goods, and lifestyle product retailers. The embedded enterprise resource planning (ERP), and Product Information Management (PIM) capabilities streamline the workflows, help manage your stocks and enhance collaboration.

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