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NewStore and Emarsys Integration

NewStore & Emarsys Integration

Integrate NewStore and Emarsys platforms to provide a seamless solution for retailers. NewStore's iPaaS automates systems and streamlines processes, while Emarsys' marketing platform centralizes data and provides insights. This integration enhances mobile commerce and personalized marketing, driving higher conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Unleash your retail potential with NewStore and Emarsys

NewStore and Emarsys have integrated their platforms to provide a seamless and efficient solution for retailers. With NewStore's leading Integration Platform As A Service (iPaaS), merchants can automate systems, streamline processes, and grow their businesses. The integration with Emarsys, a powerful marketing platform, allows retailers to supercharge their campaigns, centralize customer and marketing data, and gain actionable insights. This integration is perfect for retailers looking to add new technologies, expand geographically, replatform their ecommerce operations, or handle high volume peak trading.

Popular Systems that connect with NewStore

Unite mobile commerce and personalized marketing power.

The integration between NewStore and Emarsys brings together the power of mobile commerce and personalized marketing. With this integration, retailers can seamlessly connect their mobile shopping experiences with targeted marketing campaigns. This allows for a more personalized and engaging customer journey, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Popular Systems that connect with Emarsys

Emarsys: Powering personalized marketing for sustainable growth.

Emarsys is a powerful marketing automation platform that offers numerous benefits for efficiently and effectively scaling your business. With its advanced AI capabilities, Emarsys enables personalized customer experiences, leading to increased customer engagement and loyalty. Its automation features streamline marketing processes, saving time and resources. Emarsys also provides valuable insights through data analytics, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing strategies. Overall, Emarsys empowers businesses to scale their operations seamlessly and achieve sustainable growth.

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