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How self-serve integrations eliminate your ecommerce woes

How self-serve integrations eliminate your ecommerce woes

Darren Gallagher

In our decade of business, we’ve seen every integration problem under the sun.

And although we’re great at solving those issues, we’re always getting new clients and partners approaching us with inefficient integrations their previous providers have left them with or that they’ve tried to build in-house.

The last thing you need when switching integration providers is another lengthy process of building connectors, especially when you have no guarantee those integrations will be more powerful than your current ones.

That’s why we’ve created our state of the art no-code/low-code integration platform, featuring self-service capabilities.

But how do self-serve integrations help you manage your day-to-day and boost your ecommerce business?

Accessibility for non-technical teams

The combination of low-code/no-code and self-serve provides brand new opportunities for cohesion across your teams.

When doing integrations in-house, or outsourcing to a provider without such capabilities, it’s easy to create a disconnect between less technical teams and your developers and IT.

But a self-serve platform empowers that part of your business. It gives people who don’t know much about data and integrations a holistic view of your operation and how different apps, solutions, and systems communicate.

And with no-code/low-code, they can even integrate the software themselves with no coding experience.

Faster and more efficient integration

Let’s break down the typical process of integration. You select the apps you want to integrate - let’s say you’re connecting your ERP with your ecommerce platform.

If you’re integrating in-house, you then need to build that data stream from scratch. That’s a lot of time and resources spent on something which could be done quicker and better by an experienced provider.

But some integration platforms don’t support self-service, which means you’re still going to have to wait for them to set up the relevant connection - and you can’t easily find out whether they have pre-built connectors for that system

With a self-serve integration platform, all the information you need is in the palm of your hand, letting you quickly and easily find and select pre-built connectors. And applying them requires no hassle or input from third parties.

Drives productivity

Empowering different teams to build their own integrations isn’t just convenient; it has tangible benefits for your business.

As you add more software solutions to your operation, it will become more complex and result in a backlog of issues for your IT team to deal with. When doing in-house integrations, your developers will likely need to use a point-to-point (P2P) system which doesn’t scale well alongside your business.

This can be countered through a self-serve platform. With Patchworks, our integrations are capable of handling bulk orders and scale easily with you; and through self-serve and no-code/low-code, you’re not reliant on IT and developers to build and manage integrations.

That greatly increases productivity, and also eases the burden on technical teams by letting them focus on other areas.

Improved accuracy

Nothing good comes from overwhelming your IT team with building and maintaining hundreds of integrations. But if you handle them in-house, you’re at risk of doing just that.

Through using a self-serve integration platform, you can automate these tasks and ensure they’re both accurate and efficient.

Making sure data gets where it needs to be is extremely important for ecommerce companies - it’s what creates a well-oiled machine and experience for your customers. And by improving your automation, as well as the accessibility of your integrations, you achieve just that.

How Patchworks can help

At Patchworks, we’re always trying to develop ways to help you improve the way you do business. Whether that’s through making powerful connections, or through our other products such as Patchworks BI or Stockr, we’re dedicated to helping you build an experience which resonates with your customers.

That’s why we’ve developed our own self-serve, no-code/low-code integration platform.

Through it, you can take full control over your integrations and quickly choose the best of breed solutions right for your business.

For more information on integrating with Patchworks, or for a free consultation and demo, contact us today.

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