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Find out how we helped Success Partners increase their conversion by 256%

Find out how we helped Success Partners increase their conversion by 256%

  • 256%

    increase in conversion


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Find out how we helped Success Partners increase their conversion by 256%

The challenge

Success Partners was looking to migrate not just one but 15 ecommerce stores, including the added complexity of changing their supporting ecosystem. This involved new services, such as a shipping platform, tax platform, validator, data print app, POS provider and payment gateway. All of these were to sit within Success Partners’ selected ERP – Netsuite – with an instant data transfer sync to and from their BigCommerce ecommerce platform.

The solution

Patchworks thoroughly scoped Success Partner’s needs and offered a tailored solution to fit their exact requirements, leveraging the Patchworks Netsuite Connector to sync with the multiple BigCommerce front-end sites. The solution provided by Patchworks automates all data services, such as product, pricing, orders and fulfilment from Netsuite across all 15 ecommerce stores, negating the need to manually duplicate entry to the back-end of each individual site.

With the connection in place, stock levels are also automated in parity across the websites stores, to provide a flawless customer experience for shoppers with up-to-the-minute stock availability. In addition to this, Success Partners needed an advanced custom functionality to automate the ‘fill or kill’ of items on certain orders. With the technical expertise from Patchworks, a bespoke connector was created which allows Success Partners to automate the flow of selectively fulfilling items on orders, whilst cancelling others that could not be fulfilled, and notifying their customers of the situation. For a specialised retail ecommerce agency such as Success Partners, adopting integrations powered by Patchworks means their clients can enjoy swifter delivery times, improved customer experiences and ultimately more profitable ecommerce sites for their clients.

As an agency, it’s imperative we’re responsive to our clients and throughout this project Patchworks brilliantly supported us to make changes on the fly as new business requirements surfaced, which was even more impressive considering the US to UK time difference.

“Our integrated systems have impressively increased conversion by 256% for our biggest client, making a huge difference in our service, and Patchworks has really helped change the game for us."

Jonathan Ybarra

Director eCommerce and Marketing, Success Partners

The results

Success Partners now has the peace of mind that Patchworks has their ‘behind the scenes’ covered, whilst they focus on the front end of their client’s stores and winning new customers. Being powered by Patchworks offers Success Partners:

  • 360º Validation of their business

    By running a full assessment of the business – taking into consideration the intricacies of their clients needs to offer a bespoke solution that delivers.

  • Bespoke solutions

    Patchworks delivered a customised solution to fit the requirements Success Partners’ needs.

  • Revenue & growth

    Following launch and the integration of their new platforms working collaboratively, Success Partners reported a 256% increase in conversion for their biggest client.

  • Rapid, reliable and secure data transfers

    No more manual data inputting, meaning no errors and only automated peace of mind.

Success Partners Integrations

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