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Find out how we helped Trinny London automate their process for growth

Supercharging efficiency with NetSuite.


Cosmetics and Beauty

“With a growing product portfolio and multiple sales channels we needed to have real-time visibility across the entire retail operation, accessible from anywhere at any time… The ability to streamline our operations and make strategic business decisions at speed and with agility is vital to our growth.”

Taher Khaliq - Chief Technical Officer at Trinny London

The challenge

Trinny London has exploded in popularity since it was founded in 2017. With its dedication to creating high-quality and innovative products, that’s no surprise; and, although originally conceived as an online-only business, you can now find Trinny London’s products at huge brands such as Fenwick and Harvey Nichols. But, whilst rapid growth is desirable for any business, it also comes with a set of problems.

With the pandemic and cost of living crisis putting a strain on many retailers, they needed a way to streamline their business operations and make quick, effective strategic decisions which could maintain and feed into their growth. Ideally, they needed something to optimise their back-end retail operations, and as one of the industry’s leading ERPs, NetSuite was an obvious choice.

With an incredibly complex integration project laid out before them, Trinny London knew they needed a team of experts to help them.

Enter Excellent Zephyr and Patchworks.

The solution

At Patchworks, we love tackling complex challenges head-on, and our partnership with Trinny London was no exception. Together with Excellent Zephyr, a retail focussed Netsuite agency, we set out and implemented a successful plan. Part of that plan was to provide Trinny London with experienced consultants, technical resources, and diligent project management to ensure everything ran smoothly.

They executed thorough User Acceptance Testing (UAT), using their technical consultants to put their end-to-end solution to the test. That meant they could effectively see that all of NetSuite’s processes, such as order to cash, were working at optimal performance.

Additionally, as trusted partners of Excellent Zephyr, Patchworks were brought on board to consult on and develop the integrations required to get their operation running smoothly. This was one of the most critical elements of Excellent Zephyr’s strategy; in order to make sure their UAT returned strong results, NetSuite’s processes needed to have clean, flowing data going through each integration point.

The result

  • Expand into new markets

    Together with Excellent Zephyr, NetSuite, and commercetools, we simplified and automated their processes as they expanded their business across the entire globe to 180 countries.

  • Accurate, readable reports

    This seamless integration has empowered Trinny London to gain real-time insights and accurate, readable reports on essential processes such as taxes and account reconciliations, which can be easily shared across the entire organisation.

  • No more manual process

    Also, thanks to Patchworks’ iPaaS, all time-consuming manual processes have been eliminated and replaced with accurate automation. That means they’re able to pay more attention and spend more resources on important tasks which actively aid the growth of the company, as opposed to menial maintenance.

  • A platform for growth

    In fact, aided by Excellent Zephyr and Patchworks’ diligent work, Trinny London grew by 330% in 2020, and reached revenues of over £55m in 2021. And their skincare range, which was launched during this year, is so successful that it already makes up 32% of their sales within just five months of launch.

Trinny London Integrations

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