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Revving Up For Success: How Patchworks and Ayata Commerce accelerated Triumph's market presence and revenue, ahead of peak holiday trading

Steeped in a rich heritage of motorcycle excellence, Triumph made a dynamic step into eCommerce in the spring of 2020. Leveraging its iconic brand, Triumph Motorcycles unveiled an online store featuring a range of branded merchandise. This strategic move not only paid homage to Triumph's legacy but also enabled enthusiasts worldwide to engage with and celebrate the brand in a digital space.

Systems Involved: John Lewis’ The Edge (Marketplace), Commercetools, VirtualStock, Torque

Time taken to launch Integration: 3 Weeks

Reason for choosing Patchworks & Ayata Commerce: Speed to market, scalability with immediate impact on revenue, and reliability.

The Challenge

The Triumph team were approached by John Lewis’ marketplace, The Edge, to sell their merchandise via their site. Whilst this was a great opportunity to expand and increase their revenues, the internal development team had neither the time nor resources to build the necessary integrations quickly. They then looked externally to outsource the integration.

The main driver for this decision was speed to market which in turn had a knock-on effect on revenues, as the aim was to have it up before peak trading during the Christmas holidays.

The Solution

After evaluating the available options on the market, Triumph selected Patchworks. With their pre-built connectors, no-code / low-code user experience and professional services expertise in working with John Lewis’ The Edge, it made sense to go with Patchworks robust,reliable MACH Alliance certified solution

The need for reliability was paramount due to the potential fees incurred via the marketplace in various scenarios such as inaccurate stocks or being unable to meet orders. Patchworks enables retailers to avoid these fees by also providing ‘buffers’. Additionally, some of the Triumph team members also had a great experience using the Patchworks platform in their previous roles, giving them great confidence in the platform’s ability to meet their needs.

Why Ayata?

The choice of Ayata Commerce as their integration partner was driven by a commitment to speed, flexibility, and reliability, aligning perfectly with Triumph's urgent need for a swift and efficient integration, and Ayata Commerce’s knowledge of all systems in the stack including commercetools and Torque. 

Ayata Commerce brought a wealth of expertise when it came to integrating Patchworks, having done so many times before at pace. This partnership provided not only a reliable integration but also a team who knew how to implement with rapid time-to-market, crucial for Triumph's success in their new marketplace.

The Results

Triumph was up and running before peak trading which allowed the Triumph team to generate more sales from being set up on the new marketplace. They also haven’t been hit with stock, sales, or order fees, due to the reliability and accuracy of the integration platform.  With Patchworks in the stack and Ayata Commerce available as agency partners, Triumph also now has the ability to integrate to other market leading technology quickly and easily to drive more revenue, and engage with fans of the Triumph brand globally.

  • 360º Validation of their business

    Prior to commencing any project, we conduct a comprehensive business assessment, delving deeply into the brand and examining each department thoroughly. With a holistic view of their operations, we equipped Triumph with a bespoke integration platform designed specifically for their business needs.

  • Saving time and money

    By minimising team involvement and eradicating manual data entry, the Patchworks platform liberates valuable time and resources, which can then be reinvested directly into enhancing the Triumph brand. With the added benefit of eliminating human error, the company can steer clear of expensive mistakes, ultimately boosting their bottom line.

  • Sell more, sell better

    Not only does Patchworks automate data transfers and reduce the need for manual entry, but it also extends the processing power of Triumph's systems – allowing them to sell more, improve fulfilment and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Built to grow

    Equipped with a unified dashboard for integration creation and management, Patchworks empowers Triumph with the flexibility to seamlessly incorporate new systems and replace outdated ones. This also grants them the liberty to embrace new channels and expand into different territories as their business flourishes.

  • Automate high volumes of data

    Triumph stands out as the ideal brand to challenge for handling substantial website traffic - Triumph has now implemented an integration platform that seamlessly automates the entire process.

  • An extension of their team

    Triumph collaborates with Patchworks as a reliable extension of their IT team. Instead of navigating through support channels for numerous systems, our engineers are readily available to provide Triumph with any necessary technical assistance, eliminating the need to wait on hold.


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