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Find out how we helped Tentsile unite their tech stack

No more fractured tech stacks

  • 80-100 Hours

    of labour freed up

  • 95%

    reduction in email correspondence



“Patchworks were fantastic from start to finish. Without their support and services, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today. They are now an indispensable part of our business.”

Arran Dixon - General Manager at Tentsile

The challenge

When Tentsile first approached Patchworks, they had just three out of their four warehouses integrated to the core systems globally. That meant they had no control over stock management, and different warehouses weren’t communicating with each other and with their platform to inform performance.

They also had no integrated accounting software to track their financial performance, and their reliance on manual tasks was sapping their time and resources which could be spent improving other areas of the business.

And in addition to all of this, they didn’t have a centralised ERP which could show them data from across their entire enterprise. Overall, things were messy and their lack of a cohesive tech stack was getting in the way of their growth.

That’s where Patchworks comes in.

The solution

Tentsile knew they needed to address three core issues. The first was their fulfilment operation; they needed all four of their warehouses to be connected properly.

Secondly, they needed some sort of accounting software - and finally, an ERP to centralise their data and help them track their performance.

But they couldn’t do all of this on their own. They need an integration provider to make sure all of this tech could be seamlessly connected, so they brought Patchworks on board to help out.

They decided to use DEAR Systems for their ERP, which killed two birds with one stone by also fulfilling their need for an accounting solution. And they also needed us to integrate their Shopify ecommerce platform with third party logistics (3PL) companies Shipbob and VDepot.

The goal was to create a cohesive tech ecosystem, where orders could be quickly and reliably fulfilled, and data across their entire enterprise could be collected, stored, and analysed to monitor growth and make strategic decisions.

The result

When they came to the conclusion of what they needed to address their problems, Tentsile had a few concerns. They had a limited budget to achieve success, and no one currently in their business was an expert in integrations, so developing them in-house was off the cards. Plus, their ERP system was completely new to them - they hadn’t dealt with DEAR Systems before, so even if they could attempt in-house integrations, they’d be at a disadvantage.

But after bringing Patchworks on board, they realised they made the right choice.

Previously they had to look individually at each of their four warehouses to get critical information like lack of stock. But with their integrated ERP, they now have one system where they can manipulate, edit, and process orders before sending to their 3PL. This meant they could transition from a business reliant on tedious manual inputs to an SME fully equipped to scale.

They also now have automated reporting, and enhanced and streamlined communication between departments. All of their data is available to their entire business through one system, so different departments can work together cohesively.

  • 80-100 Hours of labour freed up

    During peak seasons, around 80-100 hours of labour were freed up, allowing their team to focus on other areas.

  • 95% reduction in email correspondence

    The volume of their email correspondence with warehouses was reduced by 95% thanks to increased automation and connectivity.

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