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How we helped Jaxxon on their journey to becoming a global brand

How we helped Jaxxon on their journey to becoming a global brand




The challenge

In their third year of business, Jaxxon were ready to think about how they could transform their startup jewellery brand into a global business. But their existing operations were already beginning to feel the strain of the brand’s rapid growth, leading to slow order processing, inefficiencies and a lack of visibility over their data. If they wanted to scale further, Jaxxon realised they’d need to invest in their fulfilment.

After choosing Peoplevox as their warehouse management system, Jaxxon were faced with another challenge: integrating their new WMS with their existing Shopify store. With no integration experience and no knowledge of the best practices involved in connecting an ecommerce platform to a warehouse system, they needed an external partner to support the project.

That’s where we came in.

The results

Our integration experts have delivered dozens of Peoplevox x Shopify integrations – which meant Jaxxon’s project was in safe hands. Working hand in hand with both Jaxxon and Peoplevox, we connected Jaxxon’s new warehouse system to their Shopify store – complete with supportive consultancy to ensure the team had a smooth, seamless implementation.

Such was the scale of Jaxxon’s success that shortly after their integration launched, they were ready to upgrade their ecommerce store to Shopify Plus. And with their new integration automating things behind the scenes, the brand was able to grow their operations even further.

In the months since their launch, Jaxxon have joined our Enterprise Support Service, giving them the freedom to instantly communicate with our support staff via Slack and the Patchworks Helpdesk. Despite operating in two completely different time zones, our extended support schedule means our engineers are on-hand to help Jaxxon’s California-based team with whatever they need. As an Enterprise client, Jaxxon also benefits from collaborative approaches to their sales, working closely with the Patchworks team to get them ready for those record-breaking sales.

Here’s a quick look at what the Patchworks platform does for Jaxxon, and for hundreds of other fast-growing brands.

  • Automate high volumes of data

    The Patchworks platform is stress-tested to sync over one million orders a day – which means Jaxxon can rest easy knowing their systems are ready to handle peak sales periods.

  • Improved visibility & accuracy

    Before adopting the Patchworks platform, Jaxxon had no way to monitor their fulfilment data. Now, the team has complete visibility over their operations, allowing them to analyse and track the success of their fulfilment services. And with automated data syncs, there’s no risk of human error – meaning greater accuracy across the board.

  • Faster order processing

    Patchworks automatically sends Jaxxon’s online orders straight to their warehouse system – no manual inputting necessary. Which means the brand’s pick, pack and dispatch team can get orders out the door faster than ever before.

  • Enterprise support

    With extended support hours and 24/7 communication during key sales periods, Jaxxon can tackle launches and promotions with complete confidence – while our engineers monitor the platform to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Ready to scale

    The Patchworks platform is designed for unrivalled flexibility. With a single dashboard to create and manage their integrations, Jaxxon can add new systems, swap out old ones, and adopt new channels with unbelievable ease.

Jaxxon Integrations

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