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Find out how we helped Sophie Allport enhance their customer experience

Find out how we helped Sophie Allport enhance their customer experience



We felt Patchworks took the time to understand what we wanted with the integration, as well as suggesting additional efficiencies which have made a considerable positive impact on our business. They delivered all requirements really well and with their partnership, we have achieved integrations to improve our operations beyond what we thought could be possible when compared to our previous systems.

Keeley Walters - Finance Director, Sophie Allport

The challenge

Sophie Allport outgrew their legacy accounting software, which was struggling to meet capacity and becoming inefficient. With no integration, sales data had to be periodically downloaded manually from their online store and imported into their accounting software. This was not only time consuming for Sophie Allport’s team, it provided no individual customer view or real-time picture of how products were performing.

When the brand decided to upgrade their accounting system to Khaos Control ERP, they needed a proven integration solution to quickly and seamlessly connect with their eCommerce platform and collaborate data in real time which was vital to move the business forward.

The solution

Patchworks completed a full analysis of Sophie Allport’s requirements and future plans to suggest a solution that provided end-to-end connectivity between their online store and ERP, with the agility to support their growth ambitions.

The integration was quickly deployed to directly sync Sophie Allport’s online store’s orders and relevant customer information with Khaos Control, allowing the brand to despatch orders swiftly. With the new connectivity, the process now records every sale against a customer account, offering data on customer’s purchasing habits, as well as their most popular designs and products.

Alongside this, Patchworks introduced automated pricing, pulling through from Khaos in minutes rather than hours of manual reconciling and inputting. This saves the business considerable resource time and ensures data validity and accuracy with automated updates every 15 minutes.

The results

Sophie Allport has made huge leaps and bounds in growth since introducing the right combination of ERP and integration:

  • Saving time & improving customer service

    With despatched orders being automatically updated via Patchworks, Sophie Allport saves more than an hour of team resource each day, which can now be focused on responding to customer enquiries faster than ever before.

  • Reliable and relevant up-to-the moment order synchronisation

    Orders are now synced every 15 minutes to ensure quick and efficient despatch with no need for manual importing. Customer information can be accessed immediately without having to load the website back office, for an instant view of performance.

  • Motivating staff

    By automating processes that previously required updating several programmes and websites, staff motivation has greatly improved. Sophie Allport’s team can now spend time on more pressing issues and providing a more personalised customer experience.

Sophie Allport Integrations

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