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Find out how we helped This Works go global

Find out how we helped This Works go global



"We were initially confident of Patchworks’ experience working with NetSuite and Shopify Plus on systemic changes, and in similar verticals and scenarios to that of ours. On meeting with Patchworks, we were impressed with the thorough scoping of our business needs."

Joe Fletcher

Ecommerce Director, This Works

The challenge

This Works is a British skincare brand, created in 2003 to offer intelligent targeted solutions to maximise skin performance 24 hours a day, without the use of unnecessary chemicals.

They also needed to improve accuracy and visibility of their stock and orders, customer data and accounting operations, as their previous back-end systems were limiting what could be achieved and inhibiting growth.

This Works wanted to find an agile solution that would allow them to carry out their global objectives, whilst having minimal impact on their operations.

With traffic to This Works’ store on the mobile platform increasing significantly year-on-year, a key factor was also for the online store to be fully mobile responsive.

The solution

This Works selected NetSuite as their ERP system to take control of their business functions, and integrated NetSuite with an upgraded Shopify Plus site via Patchworks. The process took place easily while This Works continued with business as usual.

Deploying Patchworks to connect NetSuite and Shopify Plus allowed This Works to automate their new US store information from UK, negating time-consuming manual creation of duplicating data into their new online store.

Patchworks integration connected all the systems, which enabled This Works to have up-to-the-moment data to both the front-end consumer view, and to the company’s back-office functions and warehouse.

The connectivity has been so efficient that This Works is replicating the project and launching a B2B portal with Patchworks.

The results

Patchworks integrating the right systems for the business is supporting the company’s growth and improving profitability overall.

The Patchworks solution offers This Works:

  • Flexibility and agility

    The NetSuite/Patchworks solution offers flexibility and agility to allow This Works to follow their ambitions and adopt new territories as and when required.

  • Accurate, speedy and reliable data flow

    This Works now has the confidence of the back-office structure being robust, reliable and accurate and supporting high-level decision making.

  • Advanced financial tracking of online orders

    Integrating Shopify Plus with NetSuite via Patchworks syncs updates of stock and orders every 15 minutes (this had previously been two hours). The warehouse can schedule a timely approach to fulfilment, without waiting for multiple orders, making a significant positive impact on business operations.

  • Seamless warehouse logistics

    Multi-warehouse functionality from NetSuite means orders can now be isolated to US, which were previously relying on UK warehouse.

    As with any business, time is valuable to This Works, and we appreciated Patchworks working quickly to launch the integration and get our new store in the US off the ground as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

    “The speed, accessibility and reliability of our automated stocks and orders data, across multiple warehouses, has helped increase efficiency and given us the freedom to focus on our continued growth plans internationally."

    Joe Fletcher, Ecommerce Director, This Works

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