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Patchworks’ brand new connectors | October 2022

It’s been a busy month at Patchworks, and we’re ready and set for an even busier one as we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as the general Christmas period.

But for now, we’re excited to share with you the new connectors available on our self-serve, no-code/low-code platform.

By releasing these connectors, merchants who integrate with Patchworks can take control of their operation and quickly select the right tech for them.


Logistics company Bleckmann is one of the leading figures in omnichannel logistics, and helps businesses get their stock where it needs to be.

With a wide range of services including distribution, logistics and fulfilment, returns management, and providing air, sea, and ground freight support, Bleckmann is a great option for empowering your supply chain.

Business Central

Business Central is Microsoft’s very own ERP solution, helping small and medium sized businesses connect their operations through a single, centralised solution.

That involves connecting various different departments of your enterprise such as sales and marketing, supply chain, finance, and manufacturing. And by being deployed on the cloud, businesses can use it on any device in any location for superb agility.


Whether you have one store or a dozen, one channel or five - you’ll need a powerful retail operating system which joins the dots and creates a seamless experience for your customers.

Cybertill’s EPoS system does just that, helping merchants consolidate all of their sales channels to make for a reliable operation and offer an agile way to access sales, stock, and customer information.


Ecommerce is a flexible industry, and that means it can often be easier for stores to reach international markets than it would be if they had to set up physical locations. However, going global still has its challenges, and Global-e sets out to address some of those.

Global-e provides seamless, localised experiences for ecommerce companies to offer their customers. That includes localised payments, browsing, checkout, and logistics to help businesses improve their global expansion.


Product Information Management (PIM) software Plytix helps businesses organise and collaborate by eliminating the need for messy spreadsheets, placing product information all in one place.

Plytix is great for small and medium sized businesses with hundreds of products to sell on one or more channels, and provides a place for companies to edit and store their available products.

The Edge by John Lewis

A varied selection of marketplaces is often key to ecommerce success, and John Lewis’ very own ecommerce marketplace is a great opportunity for brands to get their name out there through a trusted and successful business.

Whilst John Lewis individually approves its sellers, the benefits for listing your products with their brand are huge.

TikTok Shop

One of the most exciting and successful social commerce marketplaces out there is the TikTok Shop. It offers brands enormous reach to sell their products, through a fun and popular social media app.

With the chance to carve a personality for your brand through video content, utilising TikTok Shop is a great opportunity for companies looking to sell to a younger audience.


Voyado is a hugely successful customer experience platform, which collects and stores customer data through a centralised platform for businesses to use to better reach out to their audience.

With services such as marketing automation, loyalty and retention, and campaign management, a marketing platform integration such as Voyado can give you the boost you need to retain and expand your customer base.


Looking to expand into B2B with your Shopify store? SparkLayer empowers you to do just that, bringing wholesale B2B functionality to your store with features such as price lists, rapid re-ordering, and bespoke B2B payment options to allow for more flexibility in how you sell.

Enter Patchworks

Interested in any of our new connectors? Patchworks has a huge library of pre-built integrations to choose from, and by using our platform, you can pick the tech that’s right for you quickly and easily.

For more information, get in touch for a free consultation and demo.

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