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Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business of 2016

Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business

When Black Friday flooded their site with orders, Gymshark’s systems struggled to cope. That’s why we connected their ecommerce platform to their warehouse, powered by a platform that can sync thousands of orders a minute.

Company Information


Gymshark is the world’s leading fitness apparel and accessories brand, designing fashionable and affordable gym clothing for customers all over the world. Named the fastest-growing business of 2016, Gymshark has an audience spanning 131 counties, helped along by millions of highly engaged social media followers.


Solihull, United Kingdom


Fitness Apparel

Apps integrated

We instantly connected with the approach from the Patchworks team – straight talking, get into the detail quickly and work smartly. Consequently, they turned around our launch in half the expected time, and our first Black Friday integrated with Patchworks ran so smoothly, I got 200% more sleep than the previous year!

Chris Perrins

Chris Perrins
CTO at Gymshark

The challenge

Within a few years of business, Gymshark’s software was struggling to cope with the brand’s high traffic and transaction volumes. And when one Black Friday brought in hundreds of thousands of orders in a single day, their systems ground to a complete halt – leading to critical outages, and frustrated customers.

Realising their current IT infrastructure wasn’t equipped to handle the brand’s extraordinary growth, Gymshark set out to look for a new solution – one that included replatforming their online store and integrating their different systems.

That’s where we came in.

The results

With the Patchworks platform powering their integrations and automating their everyday business tasks, Gymshark has been able to grow seamlessly. Now, the brand has the capacity to process thousands of orders a minute without breaking a sweat.

Here’s a quick look at what the Patchworks iPaaS does for Gymshark, and for hundreds of other fast-growing brands.

360º Validation of their business

Before any project, we run a full business assessment – taking a deep dive into the brand and looking at each different department. With a 360° view of their operations, we provided Gymshark with an integration platform perfectly tailored to their business.

Saving time and money

By reducing team intervention and eliminating manual data entry, the Patchworks platform frees up both time and money – resources that can be funnelled directly back into the Gymshark brand. And with no risk of human error, the company can avoid costly mistakes and improve their bottom line.

Sell more, sell better

Not only does Patchworks automate data transfers and reduce the need for manual entry, but it also extends the processing power of Gymshark’s systems – allowing them to sell more, improve fulfilment and increase customer satisfaction.

Built to grow

With a single dashboard to create and manage integrations, Patchworks gives Gymshark the flexibility to add new systems and swap out old ones with ease, as well as the freedom to adopt new channels and territories as they grow.

Automate high volumes of data

If there was ever a brand to test for high volumes of site traffic, it’s Gymshark. Processing tens of thousands of orders with each new product launch, Gymshark now has an integration platform that automates each and every one.

An extension of their team

Gymshark works with Patchworks as a trusted extension of their IT team. Rather than waiting on-hold to the support channels of a dozen different systems, our engineers are on-hand to help Gymshark with whatever technical assistance they need.


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